Benchtop Centrifuges

Capacity: 8x 10~15ml Tubes, adaptors available.

Product Code: DSC-N158A

Takes; 16 x 5-7ml, 12 x 10-15ml or 4 x 50ml Tubes, Adjustable Speed 300 - 4,000rpm, Ea

Product Code: DSC-302SD-SH

Speed: 500~12,000rpm, Capacity: 24x 1.5~2.0ml Tubes

Product Code: DSC-102-SD

Max.13,500rpm, includes 12 position rotor for 1.5-2ml tubes and adaptors for 0.5-0.2ml PCR tubes ea.

Product Code: CF-10

Speed upto 15,000rpm, allows for molecular biology applications in 0.2ml - 2.0ml tubes

Product Code: iCEN-24

Speed: 500-15,000 Rpm

Product Code: CR2000

Speed:1,200!14,000rpm, Capacity: 24x 0.5~2.0ml Tubes

Product Code: DSC-102SMD

Variety of Rotors available, with capacity for 5~7ml, 10~15ml and 50ml tubes. P.O.A

Product Code: DSC-302SMD-SH