Accessories - Incubators

Suitable for 1.5ml tubes

Product Code: BlockC

Suitable for 0.5ml tubes

Product Code: BlockB

Benchmark Shaking Incubator Accessory: 6x Microplate Platform

Product Code: H1010-P-MP

Suitable for 0.2ml tubes

Product Code: BlockA

suitable for 96-Deep well plates

Product Code: BlockL

Suitable to the H1000 Incu-Shaker Mini Shaking Incubator

Product Code: H1000-MR

Perforated Shelf, Stainless Steel:<br/>WIG21032 IGPS032, for 32 Ltr, w280

Product Code: WIG21032/50/105/155

Perforated Shelf, Stainless Steel:<br/>WTH11155 THS1155, for 155 Ltr, w470

Product Code: WTH11155/305/402/800

Suitable for the 150L DSI Incubator, and the DSO Oven

Product Code: Shelf-150

Suitable for the 30L DSI Incubator, and the DSO Oven

Product Code: Shelf-30

Suitable for the 300L DSI Incubator, and the DSO Oven

Product Code: Shelf-300

Suitable for the 50L DSI Incubator, and the DSO Oven

Product Code: Shelf-50

Benchmark Shaking Incubator Accessory Shelf, 14 x 5.5''

Product Code: H1010-SH

WIS504610 Universal Platform for WIS-10(R/RL/RLC), SP610, w688

Product Code: WIS504610

WIS504600 Universal Platform for WIS-20(R), SP600, w478

Product Code: WIS504600

WIS504630 Universal Platform for WIS-30(R), SP630, w485

Product Code: WIS504630

WIS504620 Universal Platform for WIS-ML02/04, SP620, w645

Product Code: WIS504620

WIS504510 Universal Spring Rack for WIS-10(R/RL/RLC), SR510, w693

Product Code: WIS504510

WIS504500 Universal Spring Rack for WIS-20(R), SR500, w483

Product Code: WIS504500

WIS504530 Universal Spring Rack for WIS-30(R), SR530, w498

Product Code: WIS504530

WIS504520 Universal Spring Rack for WIS-ML02/04, SR520, w653

Product Code: WIS504520

Wire Shelf, Teflon Coated Steel<br/>WGC10450 GCS450, for WGC-450, w640

Product Code: WGC10450/1000

Wire Shelf, Teflon Coated Steel<br/>WGC11400 GCS400, for WGC-P4, w570

Product Code: WGC11400/900